Those are some weird looking taps

It's important to us that when you have a beer at Grist House,
we're pouring you then best beer possible

Recently, we installed two LUKR Side Pull Faucets to take our beer to a whole new level of delicious!

The side pull faucet was introduced in the Czech Republic by LUKR and made popular by Pilsner Urquell to pour their beer in pubs throughout Europe. 

In order for their beer to be enjoyed to its fullest potential, Pilsner Urquell considered the Tapster (Bartender), to be one of the most crucial parts of the brewing process to get customers the best tasting beer.  And so, the side pull faucet was born.

The side pull creates a thick, dense, “Wet Foam” cap on top of the beer that not only protects the beer from oxidation but has a sweeter, more flavorful taste than normal “Dry Foam” that is often bitter and acidic.

Not only does it enhance the flavor but the faucets pour an aesthetically pleasing pint of beer with a long lasting foam and great lacing.

Okay but
does it really make
that much
of a difference??

huge difference!

And we can sit here all day trying to describe how pillowy the foam is and how silky the beer becomes, but the only real way to see the difference is to experience it for yourself.

So, stop by sometime soon and ask your bartender what is on the side pull taps for a beer experience like no other.

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