Grist House

house rules

Grist House Craft Brewery enjoys making refreshing beverages and having a space for people to visit with friends and family to enjoy the libations we create.  We are all people on this beautiful planet and everyone is welcome at Grist House. 

Growing up you may have had some “House Rules” that you were asked to respect when visiting friends or families spaces.  A set of common guidelines of things that were meant to be followed.  When visiting our spaces these “House Rules” apply to all who are within and representing our House. 

The following are NO GO’s:

  • Physical touch without consent
  • Unwanted attention – staring, stalking, or trapping an individual
  • Hate speech or attire, discrimination
  • Inappropriate, disruptive, or offensive behavior that crosses personal boundaries (unwanted nicknames, sexual remarks, remarks on physical appearance)

This is not an all encompassing list and individuals who are having difficulty following the “House Rules” or in general are not being a nice person will be directed to leave our House and its property.  All people are to be treated with equality, dignity and respect to create a healthy and safe environment for our employees and guests.  When visiting our House please remember your manners, be nice, and treat your fellow persons with the decency you would like to be treated with, thank you.