Boogray Brothers & Moemaw Naedon of the Attic Records

4pm – 6pm

DJ Sraracha

6pm – 8pm

DJ Tebbets

8pm – 10pm

Noa Jordan

1pm – 2:30pm

Essential Machine

3pm – 4:30pm

Street Level

5pm – 7pm

Juvenile Characteristics

7:30pm – 10pm

Nick Snyder of Ferdinand the Bull

2:00pm – 3:45pm

Jason Gamble

4:00pm – 5:45pm

Zachary Eugene Rock

6:00pm – 7:45pm

Tripel Grist
Originally brewed in the spring of 2014, Tripel Grist is one of the original Grist House beers. Our first belgian beer showcases subtle spiciness, hints of clove, and refreshing fruity flavors with a pleasant tangy finish. As we spend this year exploring old favorites from our portfolio we are proud to kick things off with this subtle beauty.
Fire on the Hill
A fan favorite, Fire on the Hill was one of the first Grist House flagship IPA's. It was first brewed in the spring of 2015 and quickly gained a cult following. Last brewed in the spring of 2021, Fire on the Hill saw a 6 year run of consistent production. Only Hazedelic Juice Grenade has surpassed this. We hope you enjoy this old school IPA with its notes of peach and tangerine balanced with subtle bitterness.
Horizon Shine
Our first pale ale, Horizon Shine, was originally released in December of 2014. An ode to a style of beer that helped propel craft beer into mainstream popularity, Horizon Shine quickly became a customer favorite. Brewed for six years, the last batch was released in October 2020. With a punch-you-in-the-nose aroma of clementine and citrus and a well-rounded mouthfeel, we are excited to bring back Horizon Shine for our 10 Years of Beers!
Lucid Manatee
Lucid Manatee was the first beer in our Lucid Series. This series focused on the effects of different specialty grains on the flavor and mouthfeel. The same base recipe and hops were used in each beer while the speciality grains were changed up. Lucid Manatee featured raw wheat and flaked barley which gives the beer a fuller body and silky texture. First brewed in May of 2018 and last brewed in March of 2021, this was one of our favorites in the Lucid Series and we are excited to bring it back for our 10 Years of Beers!
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