Dear Lover of Craft Beer (or potential lover of craft beer),

Have you thought to yourself, “Dang, I could really enjoy some delicious, seasonal, locally made beer right now?” or “I’m sick of going to the same over-hyped drinking establishments around Pittsburgh?” If so, read on friend.

If you’re like us, your soul often yearns for a good story about why a brewer or brewery is crafting such delicious libations – or perhaps – you are just looking for a good reason to give a brewery some of your hard-earned money in exchange for some delicious beer and a relaxing environment.

If either of these are the case, we welcome you to relive our story. Who knows, you might just find that Grist House Craft Brewery in Millvale, just minutes north of downtown Pittsburgh, becomes a home for you to catch up with old friends, make some new ones – all whilst indulging in some delicious, locally brewed craft beer.

The Who of Grist House Craft Brewery

Before getting into the aspects around the “what” of Grist House Craft Brewery, let’s start with the who. In our story, its Kyle Mientkiewicz and Brian Eaton, childhood friends from Erie, PA, brothers-in-law (yes, Kyle approved of Brian marrying his sister), brewers extraordinaire and all-around good dudes.

2007-2012: The Home Brew Stage

Yep, you guessed it.  Our craft brewing story starts off like everyone else’s – in our homes brewing only 5 or 10 gallons at a time.

2012: An Idea is Born

After years of home brewing and honing their craft, Kyle and Brian got the idea that maybe… just maybe… people (outside their immediate family and college buddies) would enjoy drinking their beers as much as they did. As they say, the proverbial light bulbs lit up, the planets aligned and the idea of Grist House Craft Brewery was born.

Well… not really the end of the story, it’s actually just the beginning. If you know Kyle or Brian (next time you stop by the brewery, be sure to ask to meet ‘em, they’d love to meet you) once they get onto an idea they are passionate about, they’ll make it happen come hell or high water.

2014: Grist House Opens Its Doors

Armed with a passion for great, locally made craft beer and the desire to introduce as many people as possible to said beer, Kyle and Brian set forth bringing their dream to fruition.  After countless forms, hunting for property, remodeling an old slaughterhouse into a brewery, and installing equipment, they finally opened Grist House Craft Brewery’s doors Memorial Day weekend 2014.

If you want the nitty-gritty details of what it takes to open a craft brewery, stop in for a pint and a member of our Grist House family (most likely Kyle or Brian) will regal you with everything you want to know. Besides, isn’t story telling always more enjoyable with a cold beer in your hand?

In the meantime, know this: everyone at Grist House Craft Brewery has a deep passion for craft beer and the people who drink it.  Our goal is to bring the great people of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania quality beers brewed to our highest standards. We are proud of every beer we brew and every draught we pour.

Whether you prefer a full-body IPA, refreshing wheat, crisp Kolsh or a hearty imperial stout, we believe we grind out great beers that you (and your friends) will truly enjoy.

We look forward to you visiting our house and beer garden (or “biergarten”)… we’ll be sure to make you feel at home.


The Grist House Family